Wolf-Man, the new Marvel comic by Anne Rice, Now in Novel form!

12880428Oh shades of Peter Parker! Stan Lee save us! I am horribly dissapointed in this tale. There is part of my life that will always belong to Lestat, Louis, Claudia, Armand, etc, but this is not anything at all like that. Good or ill. two totally different ends of the spectrum. The main character is a reporter, young and brilliant. He is doing a peice on a White Elephant of a house, where he meets a beautiful older woman. They sleep together. She knows that he loves the house and he offers to buy it. She says she will give it as a gift. He wakes in her bed to the sound of an attack. She dies. He wakes in the hospital and several weeks later he realizes when the sun sets he becomes… Wolf-Man! And he uses his supernatural powers to fight evil!!!

Sorry guys, I just can’t go through with finishing this book. And usually I won’t star or review a book that i haven’t actually finished. This just seems to me to be a comic book rip-off. Anne, sorry, babe, California is no good for you. Go back to New Orleans. I’m not saying her writing will improve. I’m not saying she’ll be able to recapture that magic that she once held when Lestat was in her life, but this is the first of her books that I have read since Blackwood Farm and I am decidedly less than impressed. When a writer is inspired by comics or vice-versa, that is GREAT! There are so many things in this world that can set a story off, the wind blowing leaves, or the hand-print that a friend left on a classroom window, why shouldn’t writers draw from each other, but not even 100 pages in and all I can think is that this is a Marvel Comics rip-off. Look at the Fantastic Four, look at Ghost Rider, the Hulk, the X-Men, the list could go on forever of these people who in fiction were endowed with special abilities through accidents, or acts of fate, and they choose to turn these misfortunes into blessings by using their newfound gifts (others would call them curses) for the benefit of all mankind, although ususally in their own little corner of the world. I feel that she could have done much better here, and that she let herself and her fans down by ripping off the stories of so many beloved comics.

Sorry, Ms. Rice, but I only give honest reviews.


About Navah Vesper Anat Yehudit

I am an avid fan of the Ballet, am expanding my tastes in Opera and all all Classical Arts. I enjoy Japanese art, needle craft, crochet, knitting, and though my past-times are old-fashioned, and some of my ideas are, that isn't necessarily a bad thing in this age of progress for the sake of progress.
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