Swift as a Shadow, Short as any Dream—A review of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer

Bella Swan is getting married in just over 24 hours. The wedding vows are part of her deal she made Edward. If Bella wants Edward’s venom to poison her body and make her immortal, she has to say ‘I do’ first. Of course in the little town of Forks, Washington, this sends tongues wagging. But neither Edward nor Bella care. The only blight on their shared happiness is that Jacob Black is still missing. Bella has promised herself that she would not ever hurt Edward again by crying for the young wolf, her friend, but she can’t help but check up on him.
And Edward being grateful to Jacob for caring for Bella, when he himself had left her and could not, puts himself in Jacob’s shoes, and does his best to be tolerant. Alice goes overboard with the wedding like she does with everything, and their honeymoon destination is a surprise. The vows are read and the party begins when lo and behold, Jake shows up to wish Bella happiness.

Things turn sour when Jacob hears Edward’s side of the bargain. The honeymoon is beautiful, and just as real as anyone’s, which makes itself apparent when we realize that Bella is not just pregnant, but very pregnant. This is an installment which I feel any happily married woman and mother can relate to. I know, not having any children of my own, I always find myself envious of Bella here as I have been trying to conceive for nearly 6 years, though I know if anyone tried to hurt my furries, I would fight just as fiercely, as Bella fights for her family.
This last time reading this store really hurt me because I’ve given up on having babies. This doesn’t make the tale any less impactful. If anything it is even more so because we don’t just see things through Bella’s eyes, but Jacob’s as well.
A perfect and moving end to a strange fairy tale


About Navah Vesper Anat Yehudit

I am an avid fan of the Ballet, am expanding my tastes in Opera and all all Classical Arts. I enjoy Japanese art, needle craft, crochet, knitting, and though my past-times are old-fashioned, and some of my ideas are, that isn't necessarily a bad thing in this age of progress for the sake of progress.
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One Response to Swift as a Shadow, Short as any Dream—A review of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer

  1. Teri Bradley says:

    H I read the first stoyr and found it interesting. Hope you have a good day.
    Here is the link to avon…www.youravon.com/teribradley

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