A Lady’s Imagination is Very Rapid: A review of Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Ok. I know what you’re thinking. “Oh my GOD not another simpering female going on and on about hog fantastic Twilight is. That’s it. I’m gonna go shoot myself now. Stephanie Meyer is the Antichrist and I wanna get the *bleep* outta Dodge before the trouble starts!” Believe me. I completely understand. In fact, I don’t think anyone else really would understand. I mean, here we have and entire generation of girls who will always be looking for Edward or Jacob, and never quite be satisfied with any actual man.
I actually feel that my experience with these novels is kinda funny. See, back in 2008, right around the time that Ms. Meyer said that she wouldn’t even FINISH Midnight Sun due to the leaks of the early manuscript by her editor, my darling husband, also known as The Mac Jew joined a book club. One of those “Get four books for $.99 when you join today!” type book club, not an Oprah type book club. Seeing nothing else that really caught his eye, he got one book for himself and the first three Stephanie Meyer books.
Upon my discovery, I told him, “ I really have no desire to read those books. Really.” He shrugged and said, “ Oh well, you might change your mind.” Honestly I really did not want to read these books. I saw the girls going insane about them and I knew they were making a movie, and mentally I lumped Twilight in with the annoying likes of Highschool Musical, but within the next week or so , the book club books had arrived in the mail and been unpacked. The Twilight books went into my front coat closet, waiting for a table to prop up. They sat there …and sat there… and sat there. For months. I could hear them calling to me “Read Me! Read Me!”
I read a lot of series and I knew that the first is usually a standalone, and as I knew that the fifth installment would never be published, and in a new series you never know if subsequent novels are dependant on each other. So I caved. I read Twilight and LOVED it! There was something about the Pride and Prejudice parallel that drew me in. It was different than another favorite of mine Bridget Jones’ Diary, which , lets face it, is just a modernized P&P, complete with Mr. Darcy, no Twilight was P&P only it walked through the door that the illustrious Jo Rowling opened with her fantastic Harry Potter books. This was P&P dipped in a fantasy candy coating.
After I turned the last page I was satisfied. I didn’t need to read any of the others. I was done. It was a good place to be. And before someone says that all Bella did was wait to be rescued like some damsel in distress, I want to put an image in your head. Who really wants to see Little Jimmy the Leukemia patient go up against Hollywood Hulk Hogan? NO! WHY?! Because Little Jimmy would get creamed! So why do so many people want Bella to fight the baddies one on one? Because they don’t stop to think about it!
I digress… Anyway so I’d finished Twilight and all was well in my world for several months…. And then the spectral voice of Bella and the Town of Forks began to call out to me again from the coat closet. It was only a matter of time before I caved again.
Now it’s nearly four years later and I’ve read the entire saga several times. This is a world of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, and next to no swearing . Yes there are people, parents who flip at the thought of Edward spending his nights in Bella’s bed as she sleeps, but it is innocent. They each have enough respect for themselves and each other that they talk and sleep, not anything else. I believe this resentment comes from poor marital relationships on the parent’s part, but that’s just my thought. And likely does not apply to every case.
For the first time since Austen, we have a strong female lead who can be in love without getting everything her own way. I find this very liberating. Not that Jo Rowling didn’t have fantastic women in her world. But Harry was the star and Hermione was second or third fiddle. I have one one more thing to say before I end my review. WHY do Harry Potter fans and Twilight fans hate each other? The animosity between the two factions could start World War III! Lets try to remember, guys, it’s fiction. Great fiction, but not worth killing over.



About Navah Vesper Anat Yehudit

I am an avid fan of the Ballet, am expanding my tastes in Opera and all all Classical Arts. I enjoy Japanese art, needle craft, crochet, knitting, and though my past-times are old-fashioned, and some of my ideas are, that isn't necessarily a bad thing in this age of progress for the sake of progress.
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2 Responses to A Lady’s Imagination is Very Rapid: A review of Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

  1. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but other than that, this is excellent blog. A great read. I’ll definitely be back.

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