The Hunter from the Woods by Robert McCammon-A Review

When we last left Michael Gallatin at the end of The Wolf’s Hour, he was off on another mission.

For years, Robert McCammon’s fans desperately wanted a sequel to this his 1989 novel.  I was one of them. Then, sometime in 2010, Hunter Goatley, Webmaster of the McCammon WebPage wrote on Facebook with a cryptic message to his friends: “Guess what I’m reading.” The message was soon deleted. Shortly after, we had our answer: it was a long awaited sequel entitled “The Room at the Bottom of the Stairs.” It would be included in a special limited edition of The Wolf’s Hour published by Subterranean Press.

Originally, Mr. McCammon had been asked to write an essay about the book. Instead, he wrote a new story featuring everyone’s favorite Lycanthrope. This was included at the tail end of the book, and was well worth the price. But apparently, one story wasn’t enough, so Mr. McCammon pumped out five more stories detailing Michael/Mikail’s life before and after Wolf’s Hour.

As with the limited edition of The Wolf’s Hour, this was illustrated by Vincent Chong. But fear not. It is available in eFormat, and the illustrations are included. If you have a color reader, they are fully realized, and if you don’t the details are still not lost in the Black and White formatting).

I read these stories over a week, and I wish there had been more. Perhaps if Subterranean asks him to write an essay for Swan Song, we might get more adventures from Swan and Josh. Here’s hoping…



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One Response to The Hunter from the Woods by Robert McCammon-A Review

  1. Dan Krueger says:

    I just finished it last night and was disappointed that it wasn’t longer. I’m hungering for more! Great stories.

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