Farewell, Fair cruelty a review of The Plains of Passage by Jean M. Auel, book 4 of the Earth’s Children Saga.

This novel, like those before it, picks up almost right where the one before it ended, Ayla and her lover Jondalar are traveling back to his home, the Ninth Cave of the Zelandonii. They travel back along a similar path that Jondalar took with his brother Thonolan, and the couple run into a lot of the same people, only we have to remember now that it is months to years since we have seen these people. It’s kind of like a reprise. Sharamudoi, Losadunai, Lanzadonii all make an appearance, introducing themselves to Ayla.
The couple is accompanied by Ayla’s animals: Whinney, Racer and Wolf, causing the group to viewed as “evil spirits” on more than one occasion. Page by page we travel with Ayla and Jondalar, getting closer to the Journey’s end.
It is in this novel that Ayla’s mystic powers really begin to show themselves in dreams and visions. Also the theme of rape rears its ugly head again, only not just the rape of women, but the rape of men as well. Domestic violence systematic torture and prejudice cloud the mind of the leader of the S’Armunai people.

In this it falls to Ayla to save Jondalar so they can continue their Journey home, and in turn it falls to Wolf to save Ayla, in serendipitous circle. The Big question is, will Ayla and Jondalar make it home?
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Plains of Passage


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