Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins: A Review

After a disappointing second installment, Mockingjay really brings everything home. The book picks up shortly after Katniss has been rescued from her second round in The Hunger Games, along with several other Tributes. The whole thing was orchestrated by President Coin of District 13 in an effort to organize a rebellion against the Capitol.

While the first two books dealt with the actual games in a literal sense, this deals with games in a more figurative sense, and once the reader gets into the nitty-gritty of the book, they will understand. The battle scenes are intense, and I am very glad that Ms. Collins did not shy away from killing off anyone that we have grown to love and care about in the series.

The best part is that the author isn’t afraid to pull punches, changing character’s motivations (though she gives reason). People we have loved are forced to grow before our eyes, changing into creations who are barely recognizable from those they started out as, but with a glimmer of where they started out. Instead of the young girl from District 12 who hunted to save her family from starvation, Katniss is now a girl who fights to keep her family alive at all costs in war.

The end is not happy, nor, yet is it sad. It is, instead, bittersweet. Perhaps this is why I found it so enjoyable. Sometimes, this is the best way a story can end, and the only way it can end.


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