The Regulators by Richard Bachman/Stephen King: A Review

In 1996, Stephen King resurrected his long-dead pseudonym, Richard Bachman. He did this when he wrote The Regulators, adapting his screenplay The Shotgunners, and incorporating characters from his novel Desperation. The original idea of The Shotgunners was for Sam Peckinpah to direct. How much of the screenplay is left is anyone’s guess. What is cool, though, is if you have a hardcover of both The Regulators and Desperation, they make a single image.

The story starts out on a summer day in Wentworth, Ohio. Everything is just great. The sun is shining, the neighbors are grilling, washing cars: everything is perfect. Then it all goes to Hell. A red van comes down the street and kills the paperboy and a local dog. This in the first chapter, I might add, so you know that you are in for a very violent book.

From the first chapter, the violence only escalates, and the story turns into a science fiction/horror story. Instead of the original Richard Bachman novels, this is very much King. Instead of using too few details to describe things, he opts for the gross-out instead of letting the reader’s imagination guide them. An example of this is after a character has been killed, and he describes their teeth dangling.

Overall, the story is a thrill a minute rollercoaster. Perhaps the most interesting things (for me, at least) are the interludes that explain details of the plot, and why things happen the way they do. King may have lost his touch years before to scare anyone, but with this book, he at least shows that he can still tell the occasional decent yarn.


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2 Responses to The Regulators by Richard Bachman/Stephen King: A Review

  1. I was working at Waldenbooks when these came out. There was a “nightlight set” that bundled the books together, which sold like crazy! Then, after those sold out, they started giving away a preview chapbook of the DT 4… Which really upset everyone who had “just” gotten the nightlight! To the point that Steve had to release a statement telling them to stop whining!

    • MacJew says:

      I remember that Chapbook, and the comment. I bought the collection with the book light, and I didn’t really care about the chap book. Over the years, I’ve lost the book light, but I still have the books.

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