This piece has been a long time coming. It’s been ruminating in the back of my mind for over a year since this site start putting up billboards all over Indianapolis. The message was simple: You can live your life and be just the same person you are without Religion. Without G-d, in fact. This seemed to infuriate a lot of people in my area. The Baptist Church down the street from my house even used their outdoor message board to rally its members.

To those who know me, they will attest that I am a deeply religious person. I attend Synagogue most Friday evenings. I wear a Kippah, a Tallit, lay Tefillin, and I read my Tanakh on a regular basis. So, was I offended by the idea of a world without Religion? No. In fact, the simple fact is, if you look through history, more people have been killed in the name of Religion than for any other cause. Another reason I have cause to not be upset is this video:

On the night of the tragedy, several people used this video as a platform to proselytize. Instead of offering condolences to the families of the people who died, the Jesus Freaks said this is exactly why people should become Christian. They use the fear of an entity in my mother-in-law’s presence to keep people in line or to save their Heathen souls. The major problem with Christianity, and this is the Religion, and many of the practitioners, is that it actively encourages this sort of activity. It is not a Religion of Live and Let Live.

Instead, it is more like the Wings song, Live and Let Die. You see, while Judaism DOES have a history of proselytizing, and Islam has the bad reputation of blowing people up.

With the largest Religion on the planet, why do they care so much? The fact is, there is something wrong with the practitioners of Christianity who want to change other people. Not only do they have a desire to control everyone’s lives, but also their way of thinking as well. They have been trained that this is acceptable. It’s not. Were I to tell you how to run your life, you would probably tell me to fuck off. Were I to use Religion as an example as a way to run your life, WELL, that’s another matter entirely! No matter what kind hate someone spews, as long as there is Religion behind it, then it just does not matter.

So, would the world be better without Religion? You decide for yourself.


About MacJew

I am Husband to a beautiful woman, Father to two dogs and two cats. I am dovoutly Jewish. I love to read and write. I am trying to expand my horizons on film beyond the typical Hollywood garbage, so I have been watching foreign films lately. My plans for this blog are to talk about various things that are of interest to me, including Judaism, history, movies, books, et cetera. Anything that comes to mind, really.
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