Lost to the Sea: A review of Greenwitch by Susan Cooper

This book welds the two sets of characters we’ve met in the two previous books in the sequence: Simon, Jane and Barnabas Drew, the great nephews and niece of Merriman Lyon, and young Will Stanton. Also for those of us who have become confused by the timeline, The Dark is Rising takes place six months after Over Sea, Under Stone, and Greenwitch is set six months after The Dark is Rising and one year, give or take after Over Sea, Under Stone.

We are re-introduced to the Drews first, with the theft of the grail which the year before they assisted to secure. Gumerry comes into the picture and announces he is taking them on holiday, back to Trewissick. The children all know they will assist in recovering this important treasure for the light.

Next comes Will. All of his family are off doing their own thing when along comes a relative Will hasn’t seen for ages, his uncle and godfather Bill Stanton. Bill and his wife are going on a short holiday with an old friend Merriman Lyon and would like to take Will along. Upon hearing the name of a fellow Old One, Will goes off to pack before his parents have even given permission.

The small group arrives in Trewissick just in time for Jane to witness the ritual making of the Greenwitch, an offering to the White Lady, the Goddess of the sea. Each year local women take hawthorn, rowan and other traditional things and fashion it into a sort of charm to bring good fishing and harvests for all the next year. Jane is told that she may make a wish before the talisman is launched out to sea, as, again, is tradition. Jane being a good-hearted girl thinks how sad the face of the Greenwitch looks, and in her moment, wishes the Greenwitch could be happy.

In that tiny instant, the battle is already fought, but no one knows it. There will be trouble and strife ahead. Also we see an appropriate amount of chemistry between Jane and Will for twelve year olds. They really do seem to like each other. This is a good book, but not really up to par with the other two. It reads kinda like Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. There is information here that you need in order to make it through the entire sequence, but it is not the most enjoyable so far. I think this is greatly due to lack of action, just as in HPCOS. Short, sweet and to the point, it was a very enjoyable read.

We also received a clue here, one that hints as to where the story shall go on to, but instead of quoting it here, I’ll leave it out. We know where we need to go, it’s just a matter of getting there.

Join me next in The Grey King to find out what happens next.

(note: we have not enclosed a picture of an actual Green Witch as the people who make them feel that taking a picture of them will steal away the magick of the talisman)


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