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You might notice a Donate button on the bottom of the page.  It’s new.  My wife, Navah, and I decided that if we are going to continue to bring reviews of new books (and hopefully films) to you, we would rely on your good will.  But it is not only that.  Fifty Percent of all that you donate will go towards the Hydrocephalus Assocition.

Why that particular Not-for-profit organization, when there are so many others?  Well, I told my story here, but I don’t think I made it clear that I have Hydrocephalus, so this is a subject very dear to me, though I don’t go out of my way to discuss it.  I have a few friends on Facebook who also have Hydrocephalus, and, like me, it is not the predominant part of their life.  In fact, most people don’t even know I have it.  Why?  Because I don’t talk about it.  Navah is the only one who really knows just how much this affects me, and by extension herself. A few years back there was talk of a study to see just how the brains of the people who have had the Shunt surgery or the Third Ventriculostomy had been effected, but it could not get funding. This would be a great help to people like me who have fought with what most people would call “invisible symptoms” Things like memory loss, loss of large and fine motor skills, and often becoming confused over very simple things.  These are things I fought for years to have a job and support my family.

When things got really bad, Navah insisted I see a doctor, and things went from bad to worse. We now know that I suffer a type of seizure that most neurologists haven’t seen before they don’t know what it is, and after several thousand dollars in medical testing and brain imaging, they still don’t really know what it is, they just call it a seizure, say, here let’s see if this pill works to control the symptoms.

Depending on the drug, depends on what they end up calling it.  Many of my Hydro-friends have been diagnosed with things like early stage Parkinsons, because it is a Parkinsons drug which controls their symptoms.  By sending money to the Hydrocephalus Association, we will help to fund a study that may be able to tell us if my symptoms, and the symptoms of others are just diseases we would have had regardless, or if they are a “side-effect” of the surgeries we have undergone.

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for my surgeries. Without them I would not be alive and I would not have my family, whom I cherish every day, but the study could improve the surgical procedures to impact those with the condition less in the future.

Now, before this becomes a Telethon, which it is NOT intended to be, both Navah and I would like to say that if you are an Author, Publisher, Filmmaker, distributor, etc, and would like to have your film/book reviewed, we would be thrilled to accept copies of those as well and in lieu of monetary donations. As it is, we get what we can from the library, and unfortunately, they are usually so scratched, we realize, we’ll have to buy the movie just to see it all the way through.  As far as books go, we also get what we can from the library, but selection is limited and time is short.

In exchange, we would like to commit to bringing you a new review at least once a week. We can’t write if we don’t have material to review… (****DISCLAIMER**** sending a gratis copy of books/films does not ensure you a five-star review. It ensures you an honest review either sometime within the quarter for those books/movies already available or before your release date if we receive it before your date of publication. Please include this information with your submission ****DISCLAIMER****)

Also, for those who wish to have their books/movies reviewed on our site, please feel free to leave a message at the beep, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Beeeeep


About MacJew

I am Husband to a beautiful woman, Father to two dogs and two cats. I am dovoutly Jewish. I love to read and write. I am trying to expand my horizons on film beyond the typical Hollywood garbage, so I have been watching foreign films lately. My plans for this blog are to talk about various things that are of interest to me, including Judaism, history, movies, books, et cetera. Anything that comes to mind, really.
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