Freedom: a Review of Erotic Amusements by Justine Elyot

I moved out of my mother’s home the summer I graduated highschool, due to a difference of opinion with my mother’s husband. The first book I bought with my first paycheck was one I’d always been afraid to buy while I lived at home: The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by Anne Rice. I made the rookie’s mistake of reading The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty on the bus. I feel it is safe to say that this book really opened my mind to a whole other type of reality, one where people were willing slaves for sexual satisfaction. Understand, my mother is far from a prude, but I’d never thought of getting pleasure from a spanking before.

I’ve never been afraid to talk to my mother about anything sexual, I think because we were so close in age, but never did I have that ashamed of myself feeling that so many get when discussing intimate details with their parents. I have no problem discussing sex with a total stranger if the conversation happens to go that way, and today, I can read an erotic novel in public, and give nary a hint away. I thank my lucky stars that I am one of a few in this society that has few qualms when it comes to sex. I firmly believe that so many unwanted pregnancies and std spread is due to lack of thorough education and understanding that sex is normal, sex is natural and nothing to be ashamed of.

In Erotic Amusements we see more of the forbidden world of BDSM, but in a very different light. We have Flipp who is on the run, but we don’t know from what or whom. She arrives in Goldsands, and finds a job, no questions asked as a token girl at the local version of Coney Island and it is here she meets Rocky. I’ll be honest, my mental image when this character was introduced was a young Sylvester Stallone (when he did the porno flick) dressed as The Terminator, only with longer hair. You may think of someone else, any beef cake will do. The two go off secretly to the beach where they have mindblowing sex. Then we change focus a bit. We meet Michelle, or as she is called by her dom, Ms. Object. She is looking at a property with the man she loves, her dom, Charles. She blows him in the basement, and later we see her service a whole room for the love of one. Finally we meet Laura. She is a burgeoning psychopath who can’t let go when Rocky tells her it’s over.

This is a story of sex, domination, intrigue and love. The sex slows down a bit when the story begins to pick up, but it is still terribly exciting. And it isn’t all BDSM, much of what happens between the characters is strictly vanilla, with just a dash of kink thrown in for good measure. In my oh so humble opinion I feel that this is an excellent “bedtime story” for adults. And it is even something, if you are an open-minded parent and you realize that your child is gonna come across this sort of thing anyway, you may want to give them for instructional reading when they are old enough. Being a self professed connoisseur of erotica myself, I would recommend this book for that selfsame purpose. Or buy yourself a nice vibrator and go to town while reading. It is an excellent book for that purpose too.  Overall, this book’s lesson is freedom. Freedom to have intimacies with whom we wish as long as they are consenting, freedom to say, “yes, I enjoy pain, I will say who can inflict that pain upon me”, because after all, who has ever felt more constricted and trapped *after* an orgasm?


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