Maybe I Just Don’t Get it…:a review of Legends Reborn, a Light of Epertase by Douglas R. Brown

I have been a reader for many years, and usually enjoy the pasttime. I was 15 when Amelia Atwater-Rhodes published In the Forests Of the Night and became an instant fan. She was just like me. I read Christopher Paolini and found him pompous and whiny. Decided not to read the other books after I struggled through Eragon. I read adult authors,too. In fact it was scifi-fantasty greats Tanya Huff and Anne McCaffrey who truely got me hooked on the genre when I was ten or so. That said it should be understood that I have a love for the fantasy genre in general and often go to the “comfort reads” of mine of Harry Potter, Anita Blake, Son of Ereubus, etc during times of stress or lets face it, my time of the month.

I went into this novel with high hopes. This makes 3 books from Rhemelda publishing and they haven’t let me down yet, but you know how they say “third times’ the charm”?


The writing itself is fine, it’s the story that seems disjointed, unsure, not very confident. We jump from one short chapter to the next, rarely following one character for two chapters in a row, and one has the feeling early on of “ok this is gonna be like any other fantasy. Why am I reading it?” Story telling is sub-par and the story itself is the same story any other fantasy writer could bang out in a weekend.

The opening is weak. We meet Rasi a soldier and his wife we even meet the Crown Prince Elijah and his 9-ish daughter Alina. That’s right,
ladies ang gentlemen, our main characters are a child and a late twenties at the youngest soldier. Can we please say a collective EEEEEWW!!! That in 10-ish years time the two become lovers?! We’re not talking about May – October romance here friends, we’re looking at February – December. Sorry if that just gives me the willies. I mean come on, Doug Hutchinson anyone?<Shudder>

Then Rasi is framed for Priince Elijah’s crimes etc etc. At one point, he is even hunted for the death of the king and queen, who were at one time Rasi’s friends. Something I’d like to know is why, if Crown Prince Elijah was so corrupt, why didn’t the Light just go right to Alina and save us all this terrible storytelling? Who knows.

The climax of the book seems to happen around halfway through when there is a huge battle between a neighboring kingdom asnd the Teks. My
critique here is this: If everthing leading up to this point was so important, why was it not fleshed out more?

This novel reads like a patchwork quilt looks. It’s ugly and disjointed, at no point does it just flow like a truely great book does. To the author,
if you’re reading this, I’m sorry if it seems I’m being harsh, but the highpoints of this story are such that this could be one of the greatest fantasy series of our time, like Brooks’ Shanara, or McCaffrey’s Pern, but it fell short due to lack of confidence and lack of world. We know very little about Epertase. So little in fact that I can’t look at the map in the front of the book and point to where Alina’s castle is, and it takes 30 pages to find out about some questions that arose, like why certain changes were happening in the landscape of Epertase.

When I read Harry Potter or Marked or Shanara, I can see the world that I’m supposed to be in. I an smell the air. Even Ursula LaGuin one of my
least favorite fanasy writers can dredge the sound of surf to my ears and birdsong. This book has spent so little time on creating the wold that there really isn’t one, just carboard characters on a painted backdrop. They don’t live and breathe, they are puppets.

I don’t know if I’ll read the other two Epertase books, but I doubt it if this is the best we can expect. But, then again maybe I just don’t get it. Maybe I just lack that paricular sequence in my genome that would turn this lackluster effort into a great one, so no matter what I say, read it anyway, after all opinions are like assholes.

2/5 stars

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