Tony Hillerman, A Man Who Never Stopped Serving His Country

Tony Hillerman, author of The Blessingway, and Finding Moon, has chronicled his own adventures in Seldom Disappointed.  This memoir is funny, sweet, and a little sad sometimes. It is an amazing journey through the life of Anthony Hillerman.

Beginning with his early life, a little boy known as “Little Gus” attending Sacred Heart School, playing war games with marbles, and continuing to a young PFC Hillerman in the United States Infantry.  After the war, Hillerman attends college, courtesy of the GI bill, and meets his future bride and mother of his children.

Hillerman goes to work as a reporter and later as a novelist.  Bumps, bruises, twists, turns, and seven children define this wonderful memoir. It is a great surprise to Hillerman fans that he is funny, as Chee and Leaphorn, in general, are not.

I cannot give this book enough praise to the friend of the Navajo people, even to the Hopi people.  Read it and get to know one of your favorite authors better.

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