Every culture has its own folktales and customs. There is Aesop and his fables, fairy tales and other stories that are designed to entertain and to educate audiences of all ages. This store is a peek inside the Zuni culture, and one of their beloved tales.

A villiage who has plenty and always has had plenty, has decided to wage a huge food fight. When the gods hear of this, they plague the settlement with famine. Two children and an old widow are left behind when the villiage moves to greener lands.

It is the story of blessings, survival and love, a great read.   Perfect for adults and children alike. Complete with illustrations by the author’s daughter.

To order this book, click on the image below:


About Navah Vesper Anat Yehudit

I am an avid fan of the Ballet, am expanding my tastes in Opera and all all Classical Arts. I enjoy Japanese art, needle craft, crochet, knitting, and though my past-times are old-fashioned, and some of my ideas are, that isn't necessarily a bad thing in this age of progress for the sake of progress.
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