Celebrity Exposure

Today, I walked into my local Penn Station, and Headline News was on. Since it was 1100 EST, that meant it was time for the morning tabloids. Today, they were focusing all on Lindsay Lohan’s appearance in court. A few months ago, it was all about Tiger Woods. Even the regular news was about Tiger Woods.

We feed ourselves on what the latest celebrity gossip is. We don’t care if it’s good news or bad: the juicier the better. People like Perez Hilton feed on this like leeches, becoming famous for outing people and being near the famous.

Why do we do it? There are so many other things we can put into our brains. If people are so captivated with celebrities, then just watch their movies. Isn’t that enough? Do we honestly have to know every last detail of their lives?


About MacJew

I am Husband to a beautiful woman, Father to two dogs and two cats. I am dovoutly Jewish. I love to read and write. I am trying to expand my horizons on film beyond the typical Hollywood garbage, so I have been watching foreign films lately. My plans for this blog are to talk about various things that are of interest to me, including Judaism, history, movies, books, et cetera. Anything that comes to mind, really.
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