Religion in the Digital Age

In the 1980’s, Televagelism was given a burst in popularity. Oral Roberts, the 700 Club, and many others of the sort were found on television. Even now, every morning, it’s easy to find a preacher on television. Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, Joseph Prince, and Joyce Meyer are staples of television and the best-sellers list.

With the advent of the internet, however, and more items coming into the public domain, why do so many rely on these fast-talking sycophants? My guess is pure laziness. It’s the same reason they would rather turn on the television, and go to “Church” in their bathrobes, than they would get dressed in their very best and drive.

Now, I understand some people are limited, so I can forgive that. But for the able bodied, that is just wrong.

One of my favorite websites to visit is It has so many free Religious books on its site that I see no reason for anyone to not be able to study. With the ever increasing amount of people connecting everyday on social networking sites, there is no reason why a group of like-minded people cannot get together for an online chat for a study or prayer session.

Do not leave it up to the people on television to guide you. Study, read for yourself, and then meet others like you. Broaden your mind. Expand your horizons. It’s not wrong to argue with authority. In fact, the ancient Rabbis encouraged it. Disagreement is what faith is all about. Two people can believe two seperate ideas about the same thing, and still remain friendly.


About MacJew

I am Husband to a beautiful woman, Father to two dogs and two cats. I am dovoutly Jewish. I love to read and write. I am trying to expand my horizons on film beyond the typical Hollywood garbage, so I have been watching foreign films lately. My plans for this blog are to talk about various things that are of interest to me, including Judaism, history, movies, books, et cetera. Anything that comes to mind, really.
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